With a background working in senior communications roles at Board and ministerial level, I understand the importance of setting clear executive coaching objectives that align with business needs. And I know what it’s like to lead teams in complex, fast moving workplaces.

I help leaders to identify their authentic leadership style, feel more confident, improve their team’s performance (including where it’s already strong), deal with challenging stakeholders and clients and to maximise their strengths. 

I’ve answered some of the questions you might have about executive coaching here but for a no-obligation conversation about how I could work with you or people in your organisation, please contact me.

How does executive coaching work?

It’s a series of one-to-one conversations, each of which has a clear focus, where I ask questions and introduce clients to tools that help them to move forward with whatever they want to move forward with. 

At the start of a series of sessions, clear objectives and outcomes are set for the coaching which have input from either a line manager or other organisational sponsor. 

My training with the Coaches Training Institute in their Co-Active model is recognised as world leading. Recent neuroscience research points to why the Co-Active model achieves results: https://coactive.com/blog/does-coaching-work-lets-look-at-the-neuroscience/

What outcomes do clients achieve? 

Executive coaching can focus on any area of work, so outcomes depend on a client’s specific objectives, but typical outcomes are:  

  • Stronger team performance based on clients understanding their leadership style and  impact 
  • Navigating challenging situations more easily, through understanding emotional triggers 
  • Feeling more in control and less overwhelmed by workload 
  • Establishing new highly effective teams quickly by building authentic, collaborative, trusting relationships
  • Clarity about their next move within their organisation  
  • Gaining a promotion  

How many sessions of executive coaching do clients have? And how does it take place?

The number of sessions varies depending on what a client and their organisation wants them to get from their coaching but typically, to create lasting change, it’s 10 to 12 hours of time, taken either an hour at a time or alternating between 1.5 hour and 30 minute sessions. 

At the start of the sessions, we discuss what will work best for the client. And if someone wants to work on a very specific topic which might need fewer sessions then that can be discussed too.

I currently work with clients over Zoom, Teams, Skype and FaceTime and once Covid restrictions are lifted, face to face sessions in workplaces or in venues away from the office can start up again. Clients often opt for a mix of face to face and virtual meetings. It’s about what feels best for them. 

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