From feeling less stressed, to increasing your confidence, improving your work life balance or simply getting your mojo back, life coaching can help. And if you want change in your career too, it’s fine to combine life coaching with career coaching.

Life Coach Michelle Bayley on how coaching can help

I’ve been a coach for over 18 years, working with people from a variety of backgrounds on whatever they want to change. I help them to:

  • Get in touch with what really matters to them (instead of what they think “should” matter)
  • See themselves and situations in new ways, so that they can get “unstuck”
  • Find out how their inner critic might be holding them back and give them tools to deal with it
  • Increase their confidence

Life coaching is a partnership. I’m a guide who helps you to progress, keeps you focused and who supports you. I’m not a guru, so I don’t tell you what to do.

My clients are a great bunch of people who are all resourceful and able to make changes, even if they don’t feel very resourceful at the start of their coaching. I give them non-judgmental space, ask questions and provide tools that help them to help themselves and take action.

I’ve answered some of the questions you might have about life coaching here but for a no- obligation chat and a free life coaching taster session, you can contact me.

What sort of outcomes might I get from life coaching?

You can be coached on any topic but some of the typical outcomes clients have achieved from life coaching with me include:

  • Increased confidence and the ability to be more assertive
  • Better relationships with their partner, family members, friends and colleagues
  • Feeling more positive about themselves and able to deal with their nagging “inner critic”
  • Better work life balance – doing more of the activities they enjoy without feeling guilty
  • Feeling positive about big life changing decisions.

How many sessions will I need? And how often should they be?

The number of sessions will depend on what you want to get from coaching and how ready you are to make changes. To create real, lasting change clients generally need a minimum of seven life coaching sessions over two to three months – speaking weekly or every two weeks builds momentum.

There’s an initial two-hour induction session, to look at where you are now, what you want to change and to identify your values. After this, sessions are generally 45 minutes each and after seven sessions we review where you are so that you can decide if you’d like to continue. Once they’ve met their initial goals, some people set new ones and might have sessions every three or four weeks. And some people decide they’ve got what they wanted from life coaching and we wrap things up. It depends entirely on each person and what’s best for them.

When and where do sessions take place?

I coach in regular working hours, Monday to Friday and in the evening Monday to Wednesday. We agree a convenient time, preferably at the same time and day of the week. 

When it’s possible to meet face to face again, anyone who’s local and would like to, can come to my office in Twickenham, South West London or meet in the centre of London. I’m currently meeting clients over Zoom, Skype and FaceTime. I have clients in Manchester, Rome and Hong Kong, so working virtually isn’t an issue.

Twickenham is convenient for Richmond, Teddington, Brentford and Hampton. And it’s on the trainline for Wandsworth, Putney, Barnes, Kingston and Wimbledon.

Who has life coaching?

I have a wide range of clients who work in communications, IT, law, teaching, finance, project management, property, higher education and digital media. What they have in common is that they want change, are willing to see new perspectives and are ready to take action to have the life they want. Some specific issues that people have chosen to be coached on include:

  • Feeling stressed, tired, or not their usual self
  • Wanting more time for themselves and to spend less time working
  • Wanting to build their confidence
  • Wanting better relationships with their partner, friends, a family member or a colleague

How is life coaching different to therapy or talking to a friend?

Coaches don’t deal in-depth with the past or analyse someone’s behaviour or its causes. You’ll understand more about yourself as a result of coaching but the focus is on the present and the future and what can be done to move forward.

Friends might avoid saying things that could upset your relationship and may offer well-intentioned advice which isn’t necessarily right for you. As your coach, I’m completely objective, and will help you to uncover answers that are right for you. And I won’t be afraid to challenge you if I think you’re making excuses!

What do you charge for life coaching sessions?

My life coaching fees are £180 a month for two x 60 minute sessions or £140 a month for two x 45 minute sessions. For three x 60 minute sessions a month it’s £270 or for three x 45 minute sessions it’s £210. The initial two-hour induction session is £180. There are no hidden extras. If you choose to have more or fewer sessions, fees are adjusted at the same rate.

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