What clients say

I had a previous career leading tech teams in banks but reached a point where this no longer inspired or motivated me, so I left to pursue something which resonated more closely with my values. I spent some time trying different avenues but felt a bit stuck and decided to try a coach. Having met a few, I really connected with Michelle, her positive and engaging personality and the Firework methodology provided some structure.

We spent a couple of months undertaking a number of exercises which teased out my strengths, values, achievements, passion and skills. And most importantly, were viewed though the lens of those which I enjoy and am drawn too.

I now have a reference point, a plan to move forwards and a set of tools to re-ground myself when things feel tough or I need some clarity. I thoroughly recommend Michelle.

Andy, Molesey, Surrey


The coaching programme I followed with Michelle was crucial to identifying my next steps and I cannot thank her enough for her very professional and goal-oriented support. Through the coaching, Michelle has changed the way I approach situations in general but also how I drive my life to live it to the full. I now feel much stronger and much happier with my choices, as they correspond to what I really want in life.

Michelle has a very warm-hearted approach and is a powerful active listener. Every session brought me further and I really felt that I was putting all the pieces of a jigsaw together, week by week. This was enabled through a very structured programme, looking at all the most important facts about me, my competencies, passions, interests and work achievements. I have asked to continue seeing Michelle regularly to make sure I keep well on track.

Sandra, managing partner, media agency, Twickenham

I decided to try life coaching because I was considering a big career (and life) change but was feeling confused and a little panicked over taking such a big step. Michelle’s methodology has given me the evidence that the logical part of my brain felt it needed to support my gut instinct. Importantly, her sessions have also helped me focus on enjoying life right now, rather than thinking happiness can only come when all my goals have been achieved.

The regular sessions with Michelle were an opportunity to step away from daily life, get perspective and consider what I really want to achieve and who I really want to be. Michelle brings a very professional approach to the process while at the same time being easy to talk to and I felt she took a genuine interest in my progress.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Michelle as a life coach. I’ve come away from the process feeling determined to live the life I think I deserve, and I know the insights gained through her coaching will help keep me going whenever things seem too scary or difficult.

Heather, marketing manager/writer/comedian, Berkshire

For around 20 years I have been selling and managing sales teams, but for the last couple of years I have found that my excitement and interest in it has been waning. I have also found it increasingly stressful, to the point where it had taken over most of my life. I had never done any coaching before and entered into it with a slight degree of skepticism, but working with Michelle proved to be a total revelation. Her insightful and skilful coaching has left me better able to cope with the stresses and strains of big corporate life and she has helped in giving me a real sense of where work should fit into life, and what it is that I want from my life overall.  I would honestly recommend her to anyone who finds themselves in the same position – start as soon as you can!

Jon, national sales manager, South West London

I worked with Michelle for 3 months when I was ready to change my career but unsure about which path to choose and how to implement the changes. Working with her gave me the confidence to focus on the exact vision that I had for my future. Things fell into place big time!

Michelle’s framework helped me take steps towards a happier, healthier work life balance that I have been longing for, for a long time. As an added bonus the coaching also enabled me to find a part time job allowing me to focus on getting the training I needed for my new career, keeping me in a well-paid professional role that I always enjoyed. I can really recommend using Michelle as a coach for anyone looking to change their career at any stage of their life. Sometimes we think that it is impossible to change careers but with coach like Michelle you learn not to limit your beliefs and it opens up wonderful new horizons.

Stina, Ascot, Berkshire

Michelle has helped me to understand and articulate my values, strengths and priorities, what I hope to achieve in my work and how work relates to the rest of my life.  She focuses on the positive, which in itself a morale boost. At her prompting I have developed new perspectives on various aspects of my life, both work-related and personal.  I have gained a set of techniques for countering negative thinking and gloom, and for identifying what really matters to me in any particular situation.

As a result, I feel more confident in general, with a stronger sense of the future as a place of opportunity.  Most importantly, I expect these changes to be lasting, because they are grounded in a careful exploration of what I have actually experienced.  Michelle has been great fun to work with – we have had a lot of laughs — as well as being reliably empathetic, perceptive and professional.

Nicola, senior academic, North London

After 20 years working in the same industry, surviving countless restructures and transitioning from “career girl” to “working mum”, I felt I had somehow lost myself along the way. A lot of my most recent professional moves had been driven by circumstances rather than being planned or wanted. I felt like I was on a treadmill but no longer knew why I was on it or where I was going.

Working with Michelle has been a really enriching experience, as well as a real pleasure. The fact that Michelle follows a structured programme really appealed to me as it felt like I was working step by step towards a goal. For every session I had a clear understanding of where I was in the process and some exercises to work on, which I really enjoyed. I feel I have reconnected with myself and with what I want out of life and out of work. I also feel liberated from preconceived ideas and the judgement of others.

This renewed self-understanding gave me confidence to approach yet another work restructure with real clarity on what I wanted to get out of it and what I was and wasn’t prepared to compromise on. I feel I am back in control of my working life and I am excited about the future!

Frederique, social media consultant, Twickenham

Michelle’s approach is a great combination of practical and insightful.   She helped me, with great focus, humour and compassion, get to the heart of things quickly – she has a great ear for listening for what you are really saying (or not saying).    Although I was worried at the beginning that the tried and tested process might be too restrictive it turned out to be the exact opposite. Through it I was able, for the first time, to really articulate what I wanted to do which has been hugely liberating.

Megan, leadership development consultant, Battersea 

Michelle’s coaching helped me to clarify in my own mind what is really important to me personally and in my career (and what isn’t). Michelle is very human, easy to talk to, positive and perceptive. The coaching follows a nice structured format and, being telephone based, is very accessible from any distance. A good investment!

Ian, senior social housing consultant, Oxfordshire

I was an actor, writer and filmmaker. I chose to get career coaching after I lost passion and interest in my career in the arts which provided very little job security. Taking that occupational hazard, plus my loss of interest in that career choice, meant that I came to Michelle as a bit of a confused mess! I had arrived at a crossroads having lost all semblance of purpose. I wanted a secure job, but one that really meant something to me.

Michelle is a warm, relaxed and intelligent woman who helped me not only discover what I really wanted from my life and career, but crucially, why I wanted those things. There’s quite a bit of introspection involved and it’s not unlike archaeology. She encourages you to dig under the surface and uncover the truths that resonate for you, and she gives you the tools to do it too. She re-instated that sense of personal worth and purpose for me. No mean feat. I’ve come out the other side of the coaching learning exactly what I’m good at, why it matters, and what I want in my life. It’s a very positive, life-affirming process!

Take note though, what you get out of her process depends on what you put into it. Luckily, she couldn’t be more perfect a person at encouraging you to work at it, whilst also giving you space to seek out the important things to you. She’s sympathetic, experienced and really invested in you, her client.

Dave, Wandsworth, South West London

I had been thinking about a career change for years but had so many ideas floating around I just didn’t know where to start and if it was at all feasible. I was given Michelle’s name by a friend and 9 months down the line I’m on the path to my new career. Working with Michelle was a unique experience and it was very beneficial for me. Half the battle is believing in yourself and Michelle equips you with the tools to override that negative voice in your head and focus on the your strengths and values to achieve your goals. She helped me believe in myself and my abilities to succeed. I couldn’t recommend Michelle highly enough!”

Sophia, trainee naturopath, London

I contacted Michelle on the recommendation of a friend of mine who had worked with her previously. I felt totally lost, with a sense of drifting and wondering what the value was in anything I did. I met with Michelle for the two hour introductory session and felt totally at ease, I came away enthusiastic about working together and my initial sceptism about telephone based coaching quickly disappeared.

Michelle really listened to what I wanted from the sessions and has amazing recall for details that I overlooked. What I really liked about Michelle was her genuine interest and warm nature, she really worked with me and encouraged me to see the value in things I have done and the impact I have made. For me it wasn’t just about career coaching it was more holistic than that, by working through the exercises and catching up every two weeks I got a much better idea of what I am about, what I value and to focus on those things that make a difference to me. It is tangible process that brings results.

For me it has been an incredibly rewarding experience and one that has enriched my experiences not just in work but in many aspects of my life. Many months after our final coaching session I still draw on what we discussed and use the insight to further both career and personal aspirations.

David, senior NHS project manager, London 

After leaving my old career for a fresh start I spent a long time searching for a career coach who I felt would be right for me as most of the coaches I considered left me somewhat cold. When I finally came across findyourwaycoaching.co.uk I liked what I saw and decided that I would like to work with Michelle. An initial telephone introduction (that importantly came with no obligation and no hard sales tactic) confirmed that I’d made the right decision and that Michelle was happy to work with me.

On meeting Michelle in person it was quickly apparent that she is a genuine, committed and enthusiastic person and this was reflected in her coaching style. I tried to approach the sessions with an open mind and was rewarded with a much more personal experience than I had expected. During my time with Michelle I spent a long time evaluating, discussing and reflecting on my work and personal life and Michelle was gifted at drawing out my core values, skills, interests and motivations through a number of different exercises. This wasn’t an easy task, particularly for someone as highly introverted as myself but Michelle was an excellent sounding board and was fantastic at helping me during the times when I struggled to verbalise my thoughts.

By the end of my sessions I genuinely felt as though I had a much more balanced picture of myself as well as a firmer idea of where I wanted to take my career both in the short term and in looking further ahead.

For anyone dissatisfied with their current career outlook and who is determined to make a change and find a new direction better fitting their values, I would recommend looking at some career coaching sessions and I would certainly have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending Michelle to help guide you through those often difficult steps.

Paul, social researcher, Peckham, London

Post-redundancy, my head was spinning with ideas for the future and I couldn’t quite pinpoint the direction I truly felt would be right for me. Michelle’s approach starts from the ground up, so I now feel my plans are built on a solid platform of who I am and what I really want – from both my life and my career. I found the visualisations and other exercises really potent and have gained a great sense of certainty and direction from the process as a whole. Thank you, Michelle.

Julie, health and wellbeing practitioner, Twickenham

I found Michelle when I was at a point in my life that I can only describe as ‘stuck.’ I couldn’t think of anyway out and unless Michelle was to arrive with a list of solutions, I initially felt that she would be unable to help also! She doesn’t arrive with a standard list but what she does do is help you to find your own list of solutions. Michelle is refreshing in her approach to really find the answers you need, from yourself.

After a few months of working with Michelle I feel I have moved forward more than I ever would have thought from that initial meeting. I completely recommend Michelle. She is warm, friendly and inspiring while remaining at all times professional.

Lynn, designer, Twickenham

During the five months I spent working with Michelle I can definitely say I grew in confidence and managed to reignite a career I thought I had wanted to abandon. I also became very clear on priorities at work and at home as well as seeing new possibilities I had never previously imagined. I highly recommend coaching with Michelle.

Glen, development consultant, Brighton

Seeing Michelle and undergoing the Firework programme was an amazingly positive and enlightening experience. The focus initially on uncovering my values, interests and strengths in both my life and work is something that I think everybody should do, not only to help guide career-related decisions but also to spend time thinking about what in life really makes you happy.

In deciding whether to go ahead with career coaching, I took the view that it is something I will only do just oncem, so it’s important to pick the right coach and programme. I made the right choice!  The breadth of exercises and topics covered are key to building a strong base from which to generate career ideas and Michelle expertly and personably guides you through the process. I feel extremely fortunate that Michelle had a space open up when she did and I would thoroughly recommend her.

Dawn, tutor and food production activist, Notting Hill, West London

When I  booked into see Michelle I had recently been made redundant and was at a crossroads in my career. I was unsure of the direction to take and nervous about my next move. Michelle really helped to structure my thinking, and to help me understand what was important to me. As a result I was able to plan my next career move with confidence. The process really helped me understand my motivations and what drives me at work and i would recommend it to anyone in a similar position.

Will, charity research specialist, Shepherd’s Bush, West London 

Michelle is a fantastic life coach. She gently guides and prompts you so that you really get the most out of the process and can make clear, informed decisions about current and future plans.

Joanna, Teddington, Middlesex 

I’d been unhappy in various jobs over a few years, feeling certain that I had a limited future in my existing career. I knew I needed to change my career, but I didn’t know how. I was so stuck; I felt frustrated and a little anxious too. I found Michelle, who was recommended by another coach. I knew Michelle was right for me straight away as she’s warm, bubbly, welcoming, kind, easy to be around and so she put me at ease really quickly. More importantly though, she’s clearly enthusiastic, committed and passionate about coaching, is very intuitive, an attentive listener, challenging, thorough and always well-prepared.

Being in between jobs I wanted to get through the programme quickly – Michelle kindly obliged, with us doing longer, more frequent sessions. The output is some really deep stuff that’s truly useful in helping me to be more fulfilled in my career (and my personal life too). I have a far better understanding as to who I am.  I have clarity of direction as to where I’m going, the immediate steps I need to take and above all, certainty of what I want from my career. I feel more motivated, energised and in control of my career. And this, in turn, makes me feel better in my personal life too.

So yup, I’ve gone from feeling super stuck to crystal clear. I would definitely not have got to this place so quickly and with so much certainty without her. Choose Michelle. She’s brilliant.
Duncan, Coach, Ealing, London 

I met Michelle at an interesting point in my professional career where I was contemplating what I wanted my next move to be. I thought the approach and stages she described were ones that could provide genuine insight and subsequent action that would add value to the process I was going through. Working with Michelle was a pleasure and I found her to be enthusiastic and passionate about her role, with a great knowledge of the Firework career change coaching programme. After completing the Explore phase, it helped me to decide between a handful of exciting new job offers.

Autumn, senior digital manager, West London   

I found the whole (coaching) process incredibly helpful. I think I now better understand what’s important to me and what I enjoy. I feel I have regained a much better inner focus. I feel extremely motivated because it is a path I have decided rather than something that has been imposed. Michelle helped me work out for myself what I would find fun, exciting and meaningful to do. I have decided to stay in IT but have found a new direction which is much more consistent with my values. I would never have achieved such a complete or insightful picture on my own. I now have a clear view of the sort of role and environment I want to aim for – both short and longer term.

So if you are thinking of giving career coaching a try with Michelle then I would definitely recommend her and her approach. I found the whole experience very refreshing, it helped me value the things I have, understand why various options attract me and dare to consider some completely new possibilities.

Paula, senior IT manager, Twickenham 

Michelle is a superb coach. I came to her as I was about to leave my first teaching job, looking for suggestions as to new directions my career could take and feeling unsure of exactly which transferable skills I had learned in 22 years at the chalkface. Michelle has lived up to her company’s name, since 18 months later, I have definitely found my way again and am much more confident in my abilities; all thanks to the gentle yet kindly and informed voice of Michelle regularly on the end of the telephone or via Skype.

Michelle and her Firework programme have taken me on fascinating mental journeys to explore all sorts of other options and to rebuild my confidence; to draw up action plans and charts and talk through my concerns and enthusiasms and so on. If you would like to embark on a similar journey, I would heartily recommend Michelle as your indefatigable and gently listening guide.”

David, Oxford

I would recommend coaching with Michelle. I found the whole experience extremely positive and importantly fun! The work load was manageable and suited to my needs. I looked forward to the sessions and what I gained from them is priceless…I understand more about myself and this directly impacted on how I managed relationships and tasks at work and in my personal life.

What career coaching did for me is to show me what tools I have at my disposal, how to select which ones to use, and for what ends. I now have a clear plan for the future and have discovered a whole set of powerful truths about myself.

Nick, Health and Fitness Entrepreneur, Clapham, South West London

Michelle’s empathetic style and her relaxed, non-threatening approach made it very easy to open up. And because she is grounded and still very much involved in the commercial world, she isn’t prone to psycho-babble and vague warblings. Her gentle prompts really make you open your eyes for yourself and put a new perspective on life.

Rebecca, PR Manager, West London

After some challenging experiences I needed to know if the career I had followed for many years was still the right path for me. Michelle guided me with sensitivity and thought towards greater self-knowledge which clearly revealed that it was; providing me with new inspiration and focus. It was an incredibly helpful process and I am very grateful to Michelle.

Vivien, teacher, Yorkshire 

Embarking on career coaching is one of the best things I have ever done, and I can’t recommend Michelle highly enough. She has helped me to realise why I have been unhappy in my previous jobs and to focus on what’s really important to me and what makes me tick.

I feel that Michelle understood who I was from day one and I feel there was a great deal of trust and ease in our relationship from the very first session. Michelle is warm, kind, open, honest, intuitive and professional, everything a great coach should be. It’s so great to have Michelle in my life, and to know she is championing me to succeed and achieve my goals. I believe everyone can benefit from being coached by Michelle.

Melissa, project manager/property developer, London 

I spent the last few years in and out of despair becuase I felt trapped in the career I had chosen. I’m so thankful I decided to seek out Michelle’s help. She is a brilliant coach – she’s an attentive listener, understanding, caring and manages to remain objective while providing encouragement and thoughtful feedback. When I started the coaching I was desperate for answers and direction but following a structured programme of sessions I’ve reached a contented place of self awareness and clarity about what’s most important to me.

I no longer need the self help career change books I’d collected and tried to work through on my own. I know that I will always have someone to talk to, who knows me and who will listen carefully and objectively to my thoughts on future career decisions. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone looking for clarity of purpose in their life or career or who’s looking for support in a change of career.

Janine, financial analyst, Clapham, South West London 

Although I was initially sceptical of the coaching process, Michelle’s open, relaxed and perceptive style ensured that from the very start we developed a constructive relationship which allowed me to communicate and express myself very openly. The process she took me through was hugely beneficial very early on and kept me focussed throughout when I was in danger of “drifting away”. As a result of coaching with Michelle, I am now very comfortable with the career choices available to me both now and in the future.

Bobby, financial director, Chiswick, West London 

Having recently been made redundant I knew that I didn’t want to continue in the same career but I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I had never tried coaching before but soon realised that it was going to be an invaluable exercise and teach me a lot about myself along the way. In Michelle I found a coach that I felt comfortable with straight away and I knew that she was someone I could trust and feel confident with. She is incredibly intuitive and has a unique ability to ask the right questions to make you really think about yourself. The sessions were structured in such a way that I felt that I was making progress within each one and was quite surprised how energised I felt because of them.

I thoroughly enjoyed the programme, as Michelle made it fun and good humoured with a large helping of sensitivity too. I can heartily recommend Michelle to anyone, she is a fantastic coach.”
Anna, Rugby

Michelle has been a Godsend. She has helped me realise that I was extremely stressed, bordering on manic and unhappy in my current role. She instilled in me the confidence to look after myself and to stop the people pleasing. She probably saved my life in all honesty, as I managed to slow down and evaluate what was important to me before I got seriously ill. Michelle’s manner is warm, approachable yet action based. Everybody needs a Michelle in their life – money well invested!

Jacquie, recruitment director, Wandsworth, South West London 

Michelle is an extremely supportive, focused and talented life and career coach.  She always works with much warmth, goodwill and humour.  Her sharp intuition and clarity, sometimes challenging style, combined with a professional skill, keep me on track to identify issues and to work towards my goals.  Importantly, I always feel really seen as a whole person, appreciated as an equal and valued as such.

Patient and flexible, she is also respectful of the pace at which I like to go and clearly committed to all her clients’ progress.  I would recommend anyone wishing to explore and to make positive changes in their life, to work with Michelle as their coach.

Vanessa, artist and teacher, South London (September 2009)

I can fully recommend Michelle. She brought clarity to my career decisions when I really had no idea where I was going or what to do and gave me back my positive attitude which had been long buried. I use her techniques now whenever I face a decision.

Henry, lawyer, Surrey 

I was at a crossroads in my career and looking for help to find new direction. I was new to coaching and concerned that it might be too open-ended, but needn’t have worried. Working with Michelle and the Firework programme has been an amazing journey of self-discovery. It has helped me clarify who I am and what I want out of my life and work. Michelle’s natural warmth, sensitivity and good humour supported me through this sometimes difficult, sometimes exhilarating period of reflection. She has certainly helped me to find my way and I can’t recommend her highly enough!

James, Publications Manager, Brighton 

I was “stuck” in my career, unhappy in my work and desperate for a change but had no idea where to turn. Career coaching with Michelle helped me re-focus on what I really wanted from work and how to get it. I’ve now found a great new position that chimes with my values that is much more than “just another job” for me.  Michelle opened up a whole new way of thinking about work for me. Her guidance, wisdom and knowledge helped me move on and up in my career. It’s been invaluable.

Fola, Learning and Development Manager, Manchester

When I first came to Michelle I asked her to help me find a new career. Little did I realise the wonderful journey I was about to embark on. Through the Firework programme Michelle and I went through a really deep examination of who I am, who I wanted to be and how best to get there. I discovered so many things about myself that in the end if was easy to reach the conclusion that the career I’m best suited to is journalism. I can thoroughly recommend Michelle as someone you can trust completetly, who has your best interests at heart and is the person who can guide you to the place where you want to be.

Ronan, trainee journalist, London

I come away from my coaching sessions feeling clear headed, positive and energised – there isn’t much more I could ask for! Life coaching has been invaluable and without it my life would not have changed so significantly or so much for the better.
Donna, internet entrepreneur, Oxfordshire 

Michelle has been fantastic to work with. At the start of the career coaching, she very clearly presented what she offers and asked questions to make sure it fitted my needs. She is very warm and encouraging with a flexible approach and will adapt sessions so that you can be coached on any pressing issues you might want to focus on. Overall, I found the entire programme an excellent and very worthwhile process which has really helped me clarify the job I want to do.

I gained a very thorough understanding of my own skills and preferences which meant I could identify roles which are the right match for me. Michelle really supported me through the whole process with her positive approach and was a great listener who asked excellent questions. I recommend Michelle without hesitation to anyone looking for career coaching.

Anne, Senior HR Manager, St Margarets, Twickenham 

Coaching has really helped me find clarity and as a result I have made excellent decisions regarding my future. I have found a path which I had never even considered before, but which is totally right for me. My advice to anyone considering coaching with Michelle is to do it – she is kind, thoughtful and intuitive, helps instil confidence and gives you the belief that you really can do something with your life. I cannot praise her highly enough.
Victoria, PR account executive, Richmond, Surrey

Michelle was immensely helpful, full of enthusiasm and wisdom to help me develop an action plan for change. I realised over the course of my coaching that I didn’t want to make any major changes but came to understand myself and my motivations much better. This, in turn, has helped me be a far more positive person with a clear picture of where I want to go in life and what I want to achieve over the next few years. I can’t recommend Michelle more. She really goes with you on your journey, gives her all to help you and keeps you on track. She’s a very special coach.
Miranda, digital designer, Clapham, South West London

In Michelle, I was lucky enough to find the perfect coach. She is a very genuine, friendly person with a real interest in her clients and a strong commitment to helping them establish what is best for them.  She has all the necessary tact and sensitivity required and showed a real flair for recognising my particular traits and qualities. Michelle used the Firework career coaching programme with me which enabled me to establish who I am what I need. As a result I feel more grounded and satisfied with life. I would say to anyone who feels they have reached a point where they might benefit from career or life coaching, that they need not hesitate to choose Michelle as their coach.
Seri, civil servant, Twickenham

Michelle is a breath of fresh air. You will get results in your life and you will certainly have fun in the process. She is great value. I never left a session feeling anything less than invigorated!
Thor Holt, actor, Aberdeen www.thorholt.com

With Michelle’s help, and the Firework programme, I have identified some attainable goals that I will work towards – goals that before I would never have believed I could commit to. I would recommend the career coaching programme and Michelle’s tutorial and (patient) guidance through it to anyone wanting to identify and use their positive aspects to identify, seek and attain new goals. An exciting journey.
Chris, energy assessor/entrepreneur, West Sussex

Michelle is very talented in her ability to make you feel at ease. Sometimes she elicited reactions I didn’t know I had. Each week I became more positive and focused and by the end of the sessions I had found the career I wanted to embark on. It’s great to have someone to talk to about your career. Friends and family try to help but they don’t know what buttons to push to give you the confidence to change. Michelle always made me feel confident. With me, it’s been a gradual change. Every day I take steps towards my goal. Thanks Michelle.
Vicky, PA, Kingston, Surrey

I used to know exactly what I wanted in my career but somewhere along the way things became a little blurred. Michelle has helped me to re-gain a sense of clarity, perspective and purpose again. Her warmth, humour, patience and intuitive understanding of what I needed made the process (relatively!) painless. Michelle created a safe environment in which to explore the way forward in a positive, fun way and I now have a renewed focus, which has had a positive effect in all areas of my life. I’d definitely recommend her to anyone looking to gain a sense of direction in either their career or personal life.
Katrina, public relations officer, Twickenham 

I have become more aware of my strengths and what interests me and Michelle has guided me to make some very valuable insights. I thoroughly recommend coaching with her as she offers an enjoyable way of identifying opportunities and making changes. It has been a fascinating process and given me lots of ideas to pursue.

Anna, PR manager, West London

I was confused and unfocused and had lost my way. Life was just something that happened…Michelle helped me discover myself and enabled me to focus on what I wanted in my life. She listened, facilitated my voyage of self discovery, and gave me the tools to rebuild my confidence. The coaching allowed me to plan my career and a more focussed and structured future, to be more present and have a more positive outlook. I now live my life of dreams rather than continually planning for the future.
Andy, communications manager, North West

Michelle helped me to get active in pursuing things that are meaningful to me. Helping me to hold onto a positive perspective on my circumstances, she propelled me forward so that by the end of the first nine sessions so much had been achieved. Michelle has helped me to see my dreams as being possible and has encouraged me to put together the first building blocks of what is needed to get me in the place I want to be.
Rachel, teacher, London

Coaching with Michelle has helped me in so many ways. When I was offered an acting deputy headship in a large school, I was full of reservations about my ability to do the job, my place within the school and had a variety of other anxieties. Sessions with Michelle have been invaluable in allowing me to come to terms with my role and rise to the challenge. Coaching has also given me the foresight to begin planning the rest of my career in a more proactive and positive way.
Beth, deputy headteacher, Twickenham

My life was in a rut but I felt ready for a life change and decided to try coaching. When I met Michelle I knew she could help me with the protective reassurance she offers with her coaching. She helped me find myself – well actually a new improved version – from being unhappy for so long, it took only a few weeks to find out what it was that was missing! I secured my dream job and everything else seemed to fall into place. I have gained confidence, focus on what I want and my friends all comment on how happy I am. And I am!
RM, marketing manager, Richmond, Surrey

My coaching sessions began with a single aim, that of finding a new career path. Whilst we never lost sight of this, a spin off of the process has been a new and more productive non-confrontational outlook. Michelle produces results by posing the questions one would normally shy away from asking oneself, and the resulting increased self awareness makes new hurdles in life far easier to overcome.
Jon, Crawley

Michelle helped me find my inner voice and dig out the answers that were locked inside me and that I could not hear because of my fears and doubts. First on a personal level, and then while setting up my own business, I have become more focused, grounded and capable of believing in my abilities and acknowledging my achievements.
Paola, designer, Manchester www.meanmagenta.com

I went to Michelle with one particular issue in mind. I was sceptical about what she’d be able to do to help but was absolutely amazed at the results. We didn’t talk about my main issue for several weeks, I was fascinated about how we worked on various areas of my life, and solved all sorts of issues, to the extent that when we focused on my key problem, it was virtually solved.

It sounds corny but my life is so well rounded now, I’m so much happier in everything I’m doing.
Sarah, Publisher, Bath 

My coaching with Michelle has focused my mind on what’s next for me. I’ve achieved more because I’ve thought in advance about what I want to get done. I also now know that I can choose another, more fun way of approaching my life. And although it takes lots of practice, I’ve been able to stand back and detach myself from the negativity I was feeling.

Rachel, surveyor, Twickenham

I wasn’t sure what to expect out of a personal coach.  Maybe some help on the career front and general advice dealing with the everyday stuff of life.  What I received was a pleasant surprise.  Coaching with Michelle is like talking with a trusted friend, always compassionate, always listening and always objective .  Not only did Michelle help me to focus on the important issues in my life, she guided me through to a more positive approach to living.
Christopher, senior information manager, management consultancy, London

My life coaching sessions with Michelle opened up a new career, a new life perspective and a much better relationship with my husband and family. Michelle empowered my thoughts by challenging my apathy and unwillingness to change by showing me how to collate my thoughts and be more positive so that I could actually achieve my dreams and aspirations. I would recommend coaching  to anyone who needs that little push to change things and live a better life.
Cathy, podiatrist, Staffordshire

I am extremely happy to write a testimonial for Michelle, and indeed have recommended her to several friends of mine. I approached life coaching with an open mind and was willing and expecting to make a complete change in my career. I have however decided to stay in my profession. The difference is I have discovered the reasons why I am doing what I am, learnt to concentrate on my strengths and I have a long term focus. I am not disappointed in the slightest that I have not made a complete change.

Michelle is extremely intuitive and very genuine. You cannot do this in a half hearted manner, but if you are willing to put in as much as Michelle is willing to give, you will not look back.

Lisa, doctor, Twickenham 

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