I’ve started a new role and am thoroughly enjoying it

Working with Michelle was a genuine pleasure, and hugely helpful. I always looked forward to our sessions which – step by step – helped me to learn so much about myself; including my strengths, priorities and motivators. I loved the structured approach of the sessions, and how they built on each other to develop my working blueprint. Michelle was kind and patient throughout, but equally presented me with the right amount of challenge to make sure I properly questioned and explored my thinking, and conclusions.

Most happily, when a new role (finally!) came along, the work that I’d done with Michelle helped me to see that – although¬†it wasn’t what I’d previously thought I was looking for – it was actually¬†a great fit, and ticked almost all of my blueprint boxes. I’ve now started the role and am thoroughly enjoying it, and believe that Michelle’s coaching played a big part in me knowing when that good thing came along, and grasping the opportunity.