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The online resources and books recommended here help you to change your mindset about any area of your life. You’ll also find some that are specifically about career change which help you to get clear about what you want from your work, then see what’s the best match for you – the same approach as the career coaching programme that I use.

Books on overcoming fear and improving confidence

Taming your Gremlin, a surprisingly simple method for getting out of your own way – Rick Carson

Your gremlin is your inner critic – the voice which chatters away telling you you’re not good enough/can’t do something etc. Left unchecked, it can run your life and sap your confidence. It  might look whacky, but this book shows you how to deal with it.  Not available in bookshops, this one needs ordering online – Amazon is generally cheapest.

Learned Optimism, how to change your mind and your life – Martin Seligman

For anyone whose glass is more half empty than full, this is an essential read. It includes exercises which identify your “explanatory style” and help you to see that it’s possible to change how you respond to whatever life throws your way.

Feel the Fear and do it anyway – Susan Jeffers

Upbeat self-help classic which helps you understand that you have a choice in how you deal with feelings of fear.

Career change books and resources

The online resources and books below are based on the same premise as the career coaching programme I use – start with getting clear about what you want from your work, then see what’s the best match for you.

Personality Page

Cheap and cheerful way to find out your personality type using the grand-daddy of all personality profiles, Myers Briggs. Visit

Do what you are – Tieger and Barron-Tieger

Details what each of the Myers Briggs personality types needs for their work to be fulfilling. Also includes interesting case studies of people explaining why their work feels like the right match for their type.

Strengthsfinder 2.0 – Tom Rath

In each copy of this book you’ll find a code which enables you to complete the online Strengthsfinder test at  Excellent if you’ve lost touch with what you’re good at.

What Colour is your Parachute?  – Richard N Bolles

The oddly titled American career change classic, packed with exercises to help you know yourself better. It’s also strong on networking tips and tells you how to carry out “informational” interviews.

How to Get a Job You’ll Love – John Lees

Combines exercises which get you thinking about what career satisfaction looks like for you, with practical tips on creative job search and giving your best at interview.  For anyone not keen on American authors, John’s British.

What should I do with my life? – Po Brosnon

A mix of inspiring stories about people who have changed career at different stages of their lives. Reassuringly honest about overcoming obstacles.

Screw work let’s play – John Williams

If you’ve had enough of corporate life and want to be self employed, earning a living from what you love, this could give you the inspiration to do it.  John’s a former management consultant now doing exactly that.

Career development books

The New Leaders – Daniel Goleman

Of the myriad leadership books out there this is a great starting point if you want to understand more about your natural leadership style and how you can flex it into other styles when you need to.

High Energy Habits – Bill Ford

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and tired, this is a great practical guide to dropping what drains you and making best use of your strengths.

Take control of your career – John Lees

Includes tips on how to carry out a career audit and negotiate with managers to improve your existing role. If you feel you’re drifting, this helps you do what it says on the tin.

The inner game of work – Timothy Gallwey

Explains how you can enjoy work again and approach it from a calm feeling of focus, if you tune into the real you and stop listening to the judgmental you. Gallwey’s approach began with the “Inner Game of Tennis” and has been widely used by top sports people.

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