I was surprised at how impactful it could be

I’d been in my current role for a while and at my company for coming up to 7 years. Maybe it was the 7 year itch, but I felt unfilled, undervalued and demotivated. Feeling completely lost and unsure what to do next in my career, I sought out coaching. Michelle’s profile immediately stood out – she was clear in her approach, and her background and life experience seemed similar to mine. I knew from the introductory call that it was a good fit – she was able to talk to me straight in a direct, no-nonsense manner, which is what I had asked for.

The whole coaching experience with Michelle was incredible – being a little sceptical of coaching before I started, I was surprised at how impactful it could be and how much I could learn about myself through the process.  Michelle could get to the heart of what I was saying and help me understand the meaning for me in terms of understanding my values, strengths and motivators and how that might reflect what I want from my work.

Michelle was patient, kind, a pleasure to speak to and I always looked forward to our sessions. I am soon to go on maternity leave, but I am now armed with a toolkit of information about what I want for my next move when I am ready to make it. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Michelle.

CarlyCommunications Account DirectorKingston-upon-Thames